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Cultured Marble Cleaning & Maintenance


One of the most appealing qualities of cultured marble and cultured granite is how easy it is to clean
and maintain. The surface of cultured marble consists of non-porous "gel-coat" . This means there is no
place for water to penetrate and allow mold, mildew or basic stains.

Gel-coat is very durable under normal conditions, but it can be damaged by physical abuse or some
harsh chemicals, so proper cleaning and maintenance is important.



You can clean cultured marble with any non-abrasive household bathroom cleaner such as "Scrubbing
Bubbles", "409", "Windex" or just lightly soapy water. The key is to use a soft cloth or sponge. Do not
use abrasive cleaners like "Comet" or abrasive "Scotch-brite" type pads.

To clean hard-water residue, a 50/50 mix of vinegar and water is usually sufficient. If you happen to get
a more stubborn mark such as crayon or make-up, a small amount of acetone or paint thinner on a cloth
will usually remove the stain, but DO NOT let these products remain on the cultured marble.



Other than routine cleaning, maintenance is optional. If you want to add an extra layer of protection
or "brighten up" cultured marble, you can apply "Gel-Gloss", a product made specifically for cultured
marble, or a liquid car wax. Gel-Gloss is generally available at most home improvement and hardware
stores. These products will have the same basic effect as waxing a car. They remove the micro
scratches and leave a layer of protective wax.


Caulk Maintenance:

Rocky Tops uses Mildew resistant 100% silicone caulk for all "marble-to-marble" joints. This caulk is
extremely durable, but, like any type of caulk, it needs to be inspected regularly. If you see any signs of
mildew around the caulk, it typically means the caulk has let go and requires maintenance or replacing.