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About Us



To give our clients the most enjoyable buying experience in the natural stone and cultured marble industry by providing the highest quality in PRODUCT, INSTALLATION and SERVICE in the industry.



We will maintain the highest levels of HONESTY, INTEGRITY, COMMUNICATION and ATTENTION TO DETAIL in every aspect of our business in order to exceed the expectations of our customers.



We believe that our people are our greatest asset. From the plant floor to sales and management, we strive to find the best people available in every position. We realize that our success comes from our people and we share that success with them. Most of our team members have been with us for many years.



Rocky Tops Marble & Granite was established in 1998. Starting in a small warehouse with only one employee, we produced and installed cultured marble vanities. We quickly became Knoxville’s largest cultured marble company and moved into a 7000 sqft facility. Our product line included not only vanity tops, but custom showers, whirlpool bathtubs and a variety of other items. We entered the natural stone business basically at the request of our builder customers. They wanted us to handle all of their countertop needs. Again, after starting small and learning from the best, we have grown into the largest natural stone company in the area. Our showroom and production facilities occupy approximately 25,000 sqft.



From day one, we have been committed to total quality. This commitment includes everything from raw materials, equipment and processes to paperwork and service. We believe quality is not just the end product, but the entire experience. In both our natural stone and cultured marble products, we start with the highest quality raw materials, use the best equipment and craftsmen in our process and strive to have the best sales and service. We continually evaluate our entire process for improvements.



Our natural stone fabrication facility is located at 6969 Karns Crossing Lane, Knoxville along with our showroom. MATERIALS: Through partnerships with top suppliers, we are able to stock the largest in-house selection of slabs in the area. We have over 100 different colors and materials in stock at all times, many of which are available only through Rocky Tops. Of course, we can also fabricate your job from slabs you pick at local slab suppliers if you choose. Along with natural granite, marble and other stone products, we also fabricate Silestone and Hanstone quartz products. EQUIPMENT: We have invested in the best equipment available in order to bring you the highest quality end product possible. We have two electronically controlled bridge saws, a high speed line polisher and a top-of-the-line CNC machine. CRAFTSMEN: Unlike many other shops, we believe that machines alone can not achieve the level of detail required. We also have the best craftsmen to complete the details and review each part to insure its quality. You are invited to tour our shop and see for yourself.


OUR FACILITIES: Cultured Marble

Our cultured marble shop is located off of Watt Rd. in west Knoxville. Cultured marble is a mixture of polyester resin, marble dust and colors that are molded into products such as vanity tops, tubs, shower walls and shower pans.



The key to a quality cultured marble product is consistency. We use the highest quality, whitest marble dust available, purchasing 45,000 lbs at a time to insure consistent quality. Our resin and gel-coat are tracked by LOT# for the same reasons.



We use only GRUBER brand molds which are considered the “Gold Standard” of the industry. In fact, our entire production process was designed and installed by GRUBER. After set-up, molds are sprayed with gel-coat that is then cured in a temperature controlled tunnel. A strict recipe is followed to mix the marble, resin and color which is then applied to the mold. After curing, each part is sanded in a HEPA filtered dust booth and given its final polish and inspection. Again, shop tours are available.